Welcome to the Dibbs Initial Coin Offering.  We are introducing a new erc20 standard token that has some very unique and beneficial features.  These tokens are pioneering the financial markets by demonstrating the ability to provide liquidity through a guaranteed buyback program which will offer payment in either BTC or ETH.  Tokens will be used to claim new altcoins and tokens from future ICOs launched from our platform.  The tokens are used to represent an equal share of the total value of our company's investment accounts that will be used for supporting tokens initial market value and funding for the buyback guarantee.  These accounts will be created by use of funds collected from this ICO and will continue to receive 30% of our company's earnings on a quarterly basis.  These tokens are the next step in decentralized trading platforms as we demonstrate how to provide a solid foundation for a digital asset we can use these methods to produce more assets that can be traded with confidence and provide liquidity regardless of the demand on the market.  This lowers the risk and with the proper strategy for growth, the potential for profitable gains is unmatched by any other type of investment opportunity that is available in today's financial markets.

The Best ICO of 2018

This is an amazing opportunity to own one of the hottest new altcoins from the next generation of cryptocurrencies. Dibbs tokens are designed as a digital asset supported by actual 'real-world' value that can be bought, sold, and traded on decentralised exchanges.

Token Holders Earn New Altcoins From Future ICOs!

Receive a steady stream of new altcoins from our clients and future projects. In 2019 alone, we plan on distributing over 25 new tokens and as a Dibbs token holder, you may claim your share of each new release before they are sold during an ICO.

Backed by Real-World Value!

Dibbs is supported by various blockchain based assets and they have a unique and clever way of being able to increase in value based on the performance of these investments as well as growing with our company. This is a design that allows for rapid increases in value with a verifiable source of funding for their market capitalization.

Tokens Secured With A Guaranteed Buyback Program!

All Dibbs tokens are secured with an easy and guaranteed method to liquidate your purchase back into BTC or ETH! We are one of the only ICOs that can guarantee our tokens with a buyback program in place so that you can always cash out on your profits whenever you want to regardless of what the market is doing!

We have made this an easy ICO to participate in!

Make Anonymous Payments using Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash & receive your tokens instantly to your user wallet! We even accept payments from major exchanges including Coinbase! Simple checkout method makes buying tokens fast and easy so that your tokens will not be lost due to some technical error! The bottom-line is that if you deposit money you will receive your tokens!

Block Bet Tokens Distributed to Dibbs Token Holders! (June 2018)

BBTs, an erc20 standard token, used as part of an ethereum-based-proveably-fair gambling protocol, will be distributed to Dibbs token holders before June of 2018. We will be issuing 25% of the total token supply to Dibbs owners! These tokens are expected to see $1-3 USD when they hit the market in July 2018!

Supporting Our Financial Future & Yours! Together We Will Succeed!

We have designed Dibbs with the best interest of our investors in mind. Our goal is to provide a valuable digital asset while at the same time providing capital for our corporate development. With many future ventures that we will be launching it is important for us to build a strong network of investors that can trust in our name. Dibbs will become a major influencer within the crypto economy and establish many great investment opportunities for years to come! This is our beginning and by far the best investment opportunity that will ever be offered, Dibbs is our way of saying thank you to our supporters for getting us to where we are today!



How the Dibbs Token works and why you should consider owning a supply.

Dibbs tokens have the potential to become a very valuable digital asset.  We have built the tokens as an investment opportunity that will grow in value similar to a stock or share, but with much more potential.  Most of the funds collected from the ICO will go directly towards creating the initial market value of the tokens which is something that sets us apart from other ICOs as we intend to create a valuable asset from the very start.  We will continue to deposit 30% of the company's earnings towards the market capital of Dibbs tokens to ensure their steady growth and that money once deposited will not be removed other than to make payments to a token holder that wishes to turn in their holdings for a guaranteed buyback.  The buyback option is another feature that creates a very low-risk investment as there is a guaranteed method for liquidation regardless of the tokens becoming listed on an exchange.  This creates a safer ICO by allowing for tokens to be exchanged for BTC or ETH no matter what the market is doing.  This is the type of investment that we believe will become standard practice for ICOs and we are pioneering the way by providing this superior alternative when compared to other ICO tokens available on the makret today.  This is, in essence, a private hedge fund and to become part of it you must purchase Dibbs tokens as they represent your share of the value in that fund.  This fund consists of blockchain assets that will rise in value independent from our company, which makes this so a unique and incredible opportunity that will see a huge rise in value just from the investments that support the value of the token!  This is built with the intention to make our supporters earn tremendous gains and in return, we hope that we will earn your future support on our upcoming opportunities that will be launched on our platform for other startups that we have taken on as our clients and partners.


We have provided more documentation if you wish to find more detailed explanations of the tokens, our company's future plans for operations and the technology we will be using to accomplish these tasks.  We recommend that you take the time to understand the opportunity that we are presenting so that you may have the best investing experience possible.  If you have any questions we have live support most of the time and we get back to 100% of all our visitor's questions within 24 hours.

About Us -  The Company & the Currency

Token Overview - Technical Specs., & Token Mechanics

The Buyback Guarantee - A Sure Method for Liquidation

How to Participate - How to Purchase & Transfer Dibbs

The White Paper - Our General Business Plan

Terms & Conditions -  Please Read Before Investing


Total Supply of 50 Million Dibbs


How the funds collected during the ICO will be used.



Benn started his first Internet venture at only 14 years old and since that time he has never stopped building his talents for creating successful startups. He is better known as the author of "The Future of Money", which is a great example of just how much knowledge he has about the inner workings of how we distribute and determine value.  He is a blockchain enthusiast and digital asset expert that has made a well-established name in the cryptocurrency economy.  His techniques for disrupting traditional systems will bring us into the dawn of the next technological and industrial revolution.  He is the CEO and Founder of Dibbs LLC and plans to develop the next great corporate leaders by providing incubation services and investing our energy and capital only with the very best companies that have the greatest plans for success.  He is a go-to-guy within the crypto world and is able to form powerful business partnerships with the select, high-caliber, and innovative startups.  Dedicated to a worthy cause that will lead to a more even distribution of wealth on a world-wide scale he promises to provide his techniques and methods to these ventures and can assure their success by using the Dibbs platform.

Jason is a developer that has worked with such companies as Intel, IBM, and Microsoft.  He is the head of our department that is building our platform for startups to use.  This is a web driven application that is going to become a way for anyone to utilize the blockchain for benefits that were once not an option without extensive support from industry experts that made most projects too expensive and for that reason never took off.  Jason will be able to show our potential clients this new prototype by mid-summer 2018 and by 2019 will have the fully functional network up for public use.  He plans to bring blockchain to the masses and has helped to build dapps for the travel industry, gaming platform, voting systems, and employment agencies.  He believes that through decentralization of many traditional systems we will find a better future that is going to change the world into a much more desirable and comfortable experience for most of us.

Chris is a long-time business associate and has helped to create successful infrastructures for several ventures that saw a profitable exit in only a short span of time.  These included working with some of the same people that are here at Dibbs LLC and that previous success is going to provide the confidence that our staff will need to move forth with some of our radical and disruptive innovations.  Chris is the guy that keeps us all in check and will always be seen as a spokesman for the company.  The unique strategy he provides for our management teams is beyond a doubt the best in the business and you can expect to see many accomplishments by anyone that is able to get a chance to work with him.  He is also a cryptocurrency enthusiast that has been able to create some investment strategy that has created 500X returns in under 2 years without requiring any high-risk trades and only working with trusted and established business affiliates.  He has a deep network of investors and is the reason we have been able to gain so many great investors to support our company efforts.

Tricia is a devoted and crucial part of our team.  She is the head of putting together the teams that will build the next software applications on the ethereum and waves platform.  She is an expert in over 7 different computer languages and can work the front end and back end without hesitation.  She is a full stack developer with almost 15 years of work experience including having done projects for several gaming platforms such as Rock Star, EIOS Sports, Konomi, Sega, and NVidea.  She is an expert at GUI processing for use in cryptocurrency mining protocols and has helped to build some of the core software that is used to mine multiple cryptocurrencies.  She is able to build teams that can put together the best results and meet any deadline with ease.  Investor of cryptocurrency as well with a portfolio well over one million as of this year, she is an avid investor of ICOs and has been able to find the top picks by using her due diligence and experience as a blockchain engineer she has the ability to find the real from the fake and we are proud to have her on our team!

Jared is our blockchain expert that leads the way for our research and development team of engineers and software designers.  He has spent most of his life within the technical field of computer information and networking.  He specializes in distributed network design for secured platforms that have been sought after by security companies and private sector establishments.  His goal when starting his schooling was to build better governments through new applications that use the technology like the blockchain to create a democracy that works.  He is a perfect fit for Dibbs LLC and will be able to fulfill his dreams by working on the very projects that we are building today.  Jared is a well-known veteran within the crypto economy for developing one of the first protocols to offer random number generation on the ethereum blockchain which provides systems that offer fair pay gaming that can be utilized by other developers.  His next major accomplishment to announce will be unveiled later this year; he will be presenting an anonymous credit reporting system that could disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry overnight.  This is the type of person that has an innovative mind with the ability to actually turn ideas into real working solutions.

Elliot is a veteran when it comes to FinTech and has done accounts for some of the most prestigious fortune 500 companies.  He has been able to create a budget for our business model and also helps to develop plans for our investment companies.  He is a master of economics and is the reason that we are able to create such valuable tokens.  Elliot is a key element to the development of our digital assets logistics and has been able to offer a strategy that is unmatched within this industry.  He is also an angel investor and has supported many great innovations including Ethereum, Bitcoin (since 2010), EOS, and NEO.  He is savvy to the way a business must be structured for financial independence and can locate potential goldmines from just a few trade secrets that he will be sharing with our investors at our upcoming seminars in Seattle.