About Us


Dibbs was born from an idea to create a corporation that was built upon the technology that we know as the blockchain.  The primary goal that is the common ground amongst all our projects is to promote the growth and development of this technology for its many different beneficial purposes.  The Internet in 1990 is much like what we see the blockchain as today, only we believe that the blockchain offers an even greater potential to disrupt traditional systems and will have a greater impact on the world than the Internet has had since its inception.  The blockchain is in its Infancy and there is still much to be discovered before we see the exact use cases for this technology as it becomes a part of our everyday lives.  The leaders of the next generation will rise from this technological breakthrough, we already have started to witness the disruption of our central banking system with alternative currency applications such as Bitcoin and other altcoins that are emerging from blockchain applications.  It is only a matter of time before we see this applied to many areas of industry and with this used as a foundation for building new infrastructure we will find beneficial uses anywhere that deals with how we store and share information of any type.  The blockchain will solve many issues within how we operate and interact with each other.

For the sake of simplicity, our main focus is currently this Initial Coin Offering as it is a perfect demonstration of our ability to produce and manage digital assets.  Dibbs tokens are a working model of which many other companies will replicate similar digital assets that can be used for raising capital and/or creating a user base for building a useful and functioning distributed network.  Our goal is to help anyone that can benefit from our service which is in actuality just about any company that exists, but in specific we wish to help promote those businesses that focus on building on or around this technology.  Anytime we see the opportunity for a disruptive innovation that utilizes blockchain technology, we will do our best to make sure that this company find success.  These types of business will often find our services offered at discounted rates or even for free so that we can accelerate the responsible growth of this disruptive innovation.


The main area of focus for Dibbs LLC at the current time is the production of digital assets.  We aim to help bring about a new generation of cryptocurrencies that are developed to represent real-world value.  Bitcoin was designed to replace fiat currencies.  Ether was designed to be a 'utility' or 'service' token to access the Ethereum Virtual Machine.  Dibbs was designed to be a financial instrument specifically used as an investment opportunity, similar to a 'stock' or 'share', but with some much more attractive qualities that are unique to this design. Through the creation of the dibbs tokens, we are able to demonstrate our asset production capabilities by providing a working model.

When we create a digital asset such as dibbs, there are some very important features and characteristics that make them unique and superior from the alternative investment instruments we currently see in the financial markets.  All of our assets have a guaranteed source for liquidation, regardless of a secondary market becoming established.  This means that even if the tokens were for some reason unable to become listed on an exchange that investors would still have a viable method to exchange there purchase back into fiat currencies.  We will see many cryptocurrencies that are sold to investors that will not have such an option and unfortunately many times what will happen is that these cryptocurrencies will not have any market develop around them and investors will get stuck with something that they cannot sell or trade and ultimately be left with a total financial loss.  This has already become a major problem and is the reason that investing in ICOs is such a high risk.   Even if a market does in fact develop, it can be all hype that establishes the value and we will see a 'pump and dump' scheme played out, or the currencies will simply not be trusted enough for any real value to become of them. With our methods, we will be able to reduce this risk and actually create an asset with greater potential for growth by providing a guaranteed source for liquidation that is also able to provide a realistic and verifiable minimum initial market value.

We create this by creating a private hedge fund that for the most part is a group of escrow accounts that are investments into various blockchain assets.  These accounts are used to establish the market capitalization of the tokens and are also the source of funding for our buyback guarantee.  This is done in such a way that we can actually create a smart contract to govern and oversee the buybacks of our tokens.  This allows for a much more secured digital asset to be placed on the market and can then be used by companies to create an ICO that will offer an asset that can be guaranteed.  This, in turn, makes it an easy task to establish initial makret values and offer a trusted asset that can be bought, sold, and traded with an added level of confidence in the value.  The best part about this is that we could even see digital assets that grew regardless of the companies performance, however, if the company agrees to deposit a percentage of profits at regular intervals then we will see tremendous growth and this type of an investment will be much more attractive than any other traditional investment opportunity that has ever existed in the financial world.

Our goal at Dibbs LLC is to not only provide this working model but to be able to provide our distribution and management expertise to other companies that are willing to follow the guidelines of our digital asset model.  The long-term goal is to have created a selection of quality investments that will help to further establish the Dibbs branding as a trusted and reputable investment opportunity.  This will help strengthen anyone using our platform and we could likely become the worlds first cryptocurrency brokerage.  We will not allow just anyone to be a part of our platform, only companies that can offer a realistic plan for growth and show us an established working corporate structure that we trust will be able to use the Dibbs branding behind their assets.

Dibbs tokens can be described as a pioneer within the financial industry and if our methods are adopted by others willing to follow the same guidelines, we will soon see many attractive investment opportunities that will help lead to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency exchanges as a legitimate source for generating revenue.  This is the type of disruption that could generate many new clients and draw revenue from venture capitalists that see a greater potential for profit within this type of financial instrument, especially if we are able t provide such heightened levels of security for being able to liquidate no matter what the market is doing.  These types of digital assets could disrupt the DEX or Wall Street, by providing secure, and highly profitable opportunity.  The fact is that the ability to design a unique and beneficial product is very realistic, and this can be done without selling actual ownership of a company making it a better option for business owners to raise capital.  So far we consider the Dibbs tokens a success, we have not even begun the actual ICO, but we have already developed a strong following with many members registering and pledging to purchase large amounts of Dibbs tokens.  It appears that we will most likely reach our goal far before the scheduled closing date.