The Dibbs tokens have a unique benefit that sets them apart from any other cryptocurrency available on the market today.  All of these tokens have a guaranteed source to liquidate regardless of any secondary market.  So even if for some unforeseen reason we were unable to achieve a listing on any cryptocurrency exchanges, there is still a viable method to cash in on the purchase.  The largest risk when investing in an ICO is not knowing if the market is going to accept the value of the tokens and they may not even get listed anywhere.  This leaves investors with a cryptocurrency that is completely worthless, because without anywhere to buy, sell or trade, then all that leaves is token holders with a digital asset that does nothing but cause complete and total financial loss.  To remedy this problem we have created Dibbs tokens with an option to initiate a buyback at any time.  If the tokens are not listed on an exchange within one year of the ICO closing then buybacks are allowed and investors can get back their initial investment and even pull out their profitable gains if they wish too.  The longer you hold the tokens the more valuable they should become, but to have the option to liquidate no matter what the market is doing makes this a secure investment that is much needed within the crypto economy right now.  ICO investing can be a super high risk, but with methods in place such as this, we can essentially lower that risk and actually create a secure investment! it is possible that this could still actually profit a significant amount as well.  There is no other crypto on the market that even comes close to comparing to the potential of Dibbs.  

This buyback guarantee is funded by the same accounts that hedge their overall market capitalization.  This is how we are able to also offer a quality token that is very likely to find easy placement within most exchanges and also offer a very high market value that can be easily proven.  We anticipate that the market will fetch many higher prices than what is guaranteed through this option, however, having this established allows for an easy determination of initial value and offers additional security that should be standard practice, but currently is only offered through this innovative and progressive cryptocurrency.  

Buybacks are going to be allowed after a mandatory waiting period, much like what an IPO would consist of as far as regulations, however, if a secondary market does not take shape within one year of closing the ICO we will open up the buyback option at that time.  This is yet another major step towards creating a stable crypto trading economy and we are proud to be pioneering this path!