Employment At Dibbs LLC


Work in a virtual office from anywhere in the world!


Join the team at Dibbs LLC for a fun and fast-paced career that matters.  We are making a difference in the world and are looking for motivated, honest, reliable, and charismatic individuals to become full-time employees.  We offer great pay, full benefits, and a great working environment at our office locations, or work from the comfort of your home and telecommute if the position allows.  Any position will require that you can pass a competency test to provide us with an idea of your skill level.  A college degree is not always required, but will definitely increase your chances of getting noticed.

Dibbs LLC has many exciting positions available for individuals that work with blockchain technology, sales, computer programming, website development, graphic design, advertising, business management, financial investments and more.  The positions we have open are located in Seattle, WA, USA, and many of these are also telecommute friendly which means you can be located anywhere in the world as long as you have high-speed internet access that is stable almost all of the time.

Current positions with immediate openings include:

Marketing Representative - We need someone who can generate leads to our website and our client's sites.  This is a commission based pay and has a very high earning potential.  Telecommuting ok.  Seattle office hiring w/ hourly base pay + commission must work in our office at least 23 hours a week.  Send resume to jobs@dibbs.co.

Blockchain Engineer - Do you know how to design blockchain related applications?  We are seeking to build a team of experts that can begin to work on some of our new projects for our clients.  Applicants must be able to work independently and as a team to collaborate and focus on your area of expertise that will best effect the groups overall performance.  Telecommute ok.  Must have 5 years experience with computer technology and understand blockchains in and out.  Degree preferred, must be able to pass a competency test to qualify.  Send resume to jobs@dibbs.co.

Advertising Director - We are looking for a talented advertising agency that will be responsible for new clients.  This is a management position and will require that you are ok with traveling.  10 years experience in advertising and masters degree required for this position.  Salary + Bonuses.  Overtime is part of the job, you will be working away from home much of the time especially on weekends.  Telecommute Ok.  Send resume to jobs@dibbs.co.

Web Developers, Graphic Artists, SEO optimization, etc...  All applicants must pass a competency test for the preferred field of work.  Telecommute Ok.  Duties include production, and upkeep, of clients websites and online projects.  Smart contract development on the EVM is a skill that is a major bonus.  Programming in Java, Ruby, Mean, Python, PHP, and more also a plus!  Send resume to jobs@dibbs.co.

Freelance Contractors - We are constantly hiring freelance artists and computer programmers/engineers for projects with Dibbs LLC and for our clients.  In order to be considered for hire, we must know who you are and what you can do.  Simply fill out this form and send any resume's or other documentation to jobs@dibbs.co.  We always consider anyone who has sent us their information first before looking further for the right person/agency for the job.  Thank you and have a great day.