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ERC20 Compatible Wallet

The erc20 standard explained & how to get your own wallet.

If you do not yet have your own erc20 compatible wallet and need instructions on how to obtain a wallet that will be able to handle Dibbs Tokens, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 - 

Download myetherwallet for chrome extension, or just visit the website  Once you have the extension installed or you are at the website, simply click on the option to generate a new wallet.



Step 2 -

Create a strong password and have this data written down somewhere safe in the event that you should somehow lose or forget this password.  If you lose this code you may lose all access to your wallet.



Step 3 - 

Once you have created your wallet you will have the option to save your json key, and you will see a string of characters that is labeled private key.  This is very im[ortant that you save this information as it will be needed to access your wallet in the future.  Do not move forward without backing up this data!


Step 4 -

The final step in creating your wallet is going to be making a backup up of your address.  This address is the one that you will use to receive tokens.  We suggest printing the QR code and/or address for storage in a safe place that is separate from your private key.  If anyone has all that information they could steal your tokens.  Once you have made a safe backup of this data you can copy your address and use this when asked at checkout for your ERC20 Wallet Address.

If you have already ordered and would like to update your ERC20 Address with us, simply go to My Account, and click on View Profile, then you will go to the settings icon and select 'Edit Profile".  You will be brought to a page with your wallet address.  There you simply paste the address you had just made and that is it.  It is that simple.

Once your address is on file we will initiate the token transfer automatically.  Token transfers will begin just before the ICO begins and you will receive an email notification before and after this is initiated.

If you have any other questions or would like some help contact us through our live support.